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Richard E. Stringham & Co. is your source for expeditious and economical importing and exporting through the ports of Tecate and Otay Mesa.

Our 18,000+ square foot office and warehouse building provides you with safe, modern and convenient facilities for your freight handling, storage and office space.


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Richard Stringham served with U.S. Customs twelve years.  He has over ten years of experience as an import specialist.  His varied experience has given him unique insight into customs law and tax advantages. The company now employs 9 people, with a combined 100 years experience in the import/export business.  We have two licensed U.S. Customs Brokers, and many other services necessary in the import/export trade.

Border Solutions

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We work with all Mexican Customs Brokers and can coordinate documentation if needed.

We pride ourselves in providing the most up to date technology to communicate with U.S. Customs, thus providing our clients with accurate and quick online support.  Our motto is to serve our clients as efficiently as possible and provide them with the information to comply with the applicable laws.

With the Modernization Act, the liability of accuracy in submitting information falls on the importer and Broker.  It is essential that you have a knowledgeable Broker in your corner who will protect you from penalties.

U.S. Customhouse Broker Since 1984

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